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Strategy and Leadership workshop

Duration: 2 days

CSR requires Champions to chart the course, hold the hands and lead the way. The leadership dimension is often the key issue within sustainability excellence, many companies falter in their sustainability journey for lack of leadership vision and ambition to be the best.

This course will offer delegates a deep understanding of the leadership dimension within CSR and corporate Sustainability. It will take delegates through various concepts, approaches and examples to demonstrate how effective leadership can help an organization attain new heights of greatness in CSR and Sustainability.


It will challenge delegates to revisit old concepts and ingest new ideas and thoughts, with a view to radicalizing their own and the organization’s approach to CSR and Sustainability. At the end of the training delegates will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance.


The two-day course will be structured into eight sessions, along with interactive discussion and exercises. The sessions will focus on following themes:

01 From Compliance to Value Creation

02 Sustainability Strategies for different markets

03 The Sustainable Value Portfolio

04 Beyond Greening Strategy

05 The Seven Capacities of Leadership

06 Leadership for CSR

07 CSR Performance Measurement and Benchmarking

08 Future Challenges and Drivers



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Outstanding keynote speakers, insightful approaches to concepts and theories related to Corporate Social Responsibility and a phenomenal platform for panelists from the business world, trade unions, international organisations, civil society, government and academia to network and share the latest CSR trends. That’s what this edition of BICSR is all about!!

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